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Trappers Steak Bites
Succulent bites of tenderloin served on our volcanic rock with basil aioli

Admiral's Platter
Red Hook Ale battered pangasius fillets, shrimp, and calamari strips fried and served with steak fries, homemade tartar sauce, and cocktail sauce.

Oysters on the Half Shell
Enjoy six fresh oysters one of two ways: On the half-shell with homemade cocktail sauce, lemon and Tabasco
Baked in the half-shell with chopped bacon, roasted red peppers, spinach and boursin cheese

Ahi Gruyere Dip
Hawaiian Ahi tuna, aged gruyere cheese, fresh jalapenos, horseradish, and a touch of lemon come together to make this warm and creamy dip served with chili and cumin dusted tortilla chips

Trappers Steak Salad
An 8 ounce flat iron steak grilled, sliced thin and served atop mixed spring greens, cucumber, tomato, egg, red onion and topped with fried sweet potato matchsticks

Salmon Cakes
Twin Atlantic Salmon cakes pan-fried and served with lemon dressed arugula and a side of dill cream sauce

Steak Fries or Buffalo Chips
Fried, seasoned, and served with chipotle mayo or ketchup

Black and Tan Onion Rings
A hefty serving of beer battered onion rings with a spicy chipotle mayo

Steak Sandwich
8 ounces of Certified Angus Beef grilled to perfection, sliced thin, topped with red onions, cherry peppers, mushrooms, and arugula on a potato-rosemary rustique roll

House Ground Tenderloin Burger
Fresh beef tenderloin, ground and seasoned formed into a half pound burger patty. Grilled to temperature with your choice of cheddar, pepperjack, provolone, or bleu cheese and served with a side of steak fries (Contains Pork)

Pasta Brennan
Grilled chicken, chopped bacon, fresh tomatoes, basil and asiago cheese, tossed with fresh linguini and our roasted garlic cream sauce, served with a side of garlic bread

Topped with chipotle black bean queso, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, and sour cream
Chicken: $10 Steak: $13

All Bar Food items served in the Bar area only thank you!

Trapper's Chop House

Located atop the Holiday Inn southeast of E-470 and Parker Road Intersection

19308 Cottonwood Drive
Parker, CO 80138

Hours: 4:30pm daily

Phone: 303-248-2132

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